Learners' Newsletter

Learners' Newsletter Channel

In order to stay fully up-to-date with classes, including schedule changes, details of additional workshops, and extra learning material such as videos and texts, there is a newsletter channel available. I strongly recommend all learners to subscribe to the newsletter channel if possible, as it's my primary means of communicating with all learners outside of classes.

The newsletter channel is maintained using a free app called "Telegram" which can be installed on any smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer. To subscribe to the channel please go to:-




1. When installing the Telegram app, you need to provide your mobile number using the country code +44 for the United Kingdom, then the rest of the number without the leading '0'. So if you number is "07991 123456" you'd enter "+44 7991 123456".

2. You can untick the "Sync Contacts" option if you wish -- this is not required in order to subscribe to the channel.

3. You can use the same account to receive the newsletter channel on as many devices as you wish (phone, iPad, computer, etc).

4. After you've installed the telegram app, make sure you click the above link and the "JOIN" button to subscribe to the channel to get notifications of new items.

Press 'JOIN'
Successfully joined

If any learners have problems or questions about this, please ask me for help at the end of a class.