About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art with its roots in ancient Chinese philosophical and medical tradition. At one point passed down only within relatively small groups of families, it is now widely practised around the world, and highly regarded by many for its health benefits. It can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Learning Tai Chi repays the effort many times over. As an aid to good health, as a martial art, and as a philosophy to live by.

Chris Cowley

Student of Sifu Wilfred Gibson in Tai Chi Chuan and Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung since 2007, and a member of the The Lam Assocation (Zhan Zhuang, Tai Chi Research Group, Europe).

Following the passing of Sifu Wilfred Gibson in October 2014, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to continue my study of Tai Chi Chuan and other Chinese arts in London with Sifu Lam Tin Yu, son of Sigung Lam Kam Chuen.